Farther than the Farthest Stars

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In the course of one long-distance expedition, the research ship of the Archives discovers a planet with unique people, as if having no kinship with the rest of the humankind. The attempt to contact them ends tragically – nearly the whole crew dies, but the ship with artificial intelligence manages to come back to the Archives’ port with the information about the discovery. The strange race, which can be a nation of monsters from another Universe, is dying; there are no children born in their world, the population is decreasing, cities are becoming empty. Should they be helped or left to the mercy of fate?.. Perhaps, it will be better to eliminate these monsters, send them into nothingness quickly and painlessly. There are different opinions in the Great Galaxies as to what should be done. The Archives and the Monasteries secretly send another, well-armed expedition; its goal is to study the newly discovered world and take the decision. The ship is taking researchers to the far-off planet but they are not united: each of the six crew members has his/her preferences, goals and secrets.
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