A Tale of Two Cities

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«A Tale of Two Cities» written by Charles Dickens is already for more than 150 years an absolute bestseller of English prose in the world. The novel is set in Paris and London during one of the abrupt turns of history — the French Revolution. Love and hate, treachery and nobility, family drama and social turmoil, deceit and virtue — entangled in a plot that would make the authors of modern adventure novels envious. The description of the depth of human feelings described in this novel, encourages the continuing interest in all Dickens' works. This Dickens novel became part of the school curriculum in English-speaking countries. The great English writer Charles Dickens is also known as the author of other famous literary works, like «The Pickwick Papers», «Oliver Twist», «Nicholas Nickleby», «The Old Curiosity Shop», «Barnaby Rudge», «Martin Chuzzlewit», «Dombey and Son», «David Copperfield», «Bleak House», «Hard Times» and «Little Dorrit».
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