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Информация о книге - JESUS CHRIST. 100 AND 1 QUOTES

Аннотация/Описание книги - «JESUS CHRIST. 100 AND 1 QUOTES»

Sergei Ilichev, novelist and essayist, member of the Writers’ Union of Russia We offer you quotes from the sayings of Jesus Christ – the One Who has been devoutly worshiped by peoples of the world, and to his glory Christians committed spiritual exploits and even suffered martyrdom. A picture of a fragment of the cultic sculpture “Heart of Jesus (presumably the work of French sculptor Christian) was used in the design of this book. The main source of information about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ is the Holy Gospel, as well as the collection for the preachers of the Word of God “Practical Symphony” (edition of the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra, 1992) and materials of the book of the French Catholic missionary and theologian Andri Dido “Jesus Christ” (Moscow, “AST”, 2000).
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