Selected works of Emmuska Orczy

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Selected works of Emmuska Orczy from the series "Best of the Best" is the book that everyone should read to understand themselves and each other. The authors and works for this book series were selected, as a result of numerous studies, analysis of the texts over the past 100 years and the demand for readers. It must be read in order to understand the world around us, its history, to recognize the heroes, to understand the winged expressions and jokes that come from these literary works. Reading these books will mean the discovery of a world of self-development and self-expression for each person. These books have been around for decades, and sometimes centuries, for the time they recreate, the values they teach, the point of view, or simply the beauty of words. This volume of the Best of the Best series includes famous works • THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL • I WILL REPAY • THE ELUSIVE PIMPERNEL • EL DORADO • LORD TONY'S WIFE • THE LEAGUE OF THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL • THE LAUGHING CAVALIER • THE OLD MAN IN THE CORNER • PETTICOAT RULE • THE BRONZE EAGLE • BEAU BROCADE • CASTLES IN THE AIR • THE NEST OF THE SPARROWHAWK • THE TANGLED SKEIN • A SHEAF OF BLUEBELLS • "UNTO CÆSAR" • THE END A BRIDE OF THE PLAINS • THE HEART OF A WOMAN • LEATHERFACE • HIS MAJESTY'S WELL-BELOVED
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