The Food of the Gods

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The Food of the Gods is a fantasy novel by a classic of the world science fiction Herbert George Wells. Two English scientists manage to create a unique substance which, when added to an ordinary food, makes young animals grow at a remarkable speed. At first, they experimented on chickens and calves. Happy with their discovery, scientists already estimate their profit. But firstly, giant chickens spread across England due to oversight. Then law obedient citizens are attacked by giant rats and wasps which tried “the food of the gods”. But these “side effects” are overcome eventually. But what to do with scientists’ children, their friends and acquaintances who were fed with “the food of the gods”? Children grow at a speed that strikes the imagination, and not only physically but also morally. The world is afraid of giants who are ready to give away gratuitously their power and brain to a mankind that created them. Who will be future leaders – young giants or human pygmies?
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