The Island of Doctor Moreau

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After a shipwreck in the southern Pacific Ocean, Edward Prendick finds himself at the island that belongs to Dr. Moreau, an infamous London scientist who fled England after it had been revealed to public that he conducted cruel experiments on live animals. Only a day goes by, but Prendick already grows concerned about the island and his owner, when, forced out of the house by the cries of a tortured puma, he is attacked by an appalling creature. A day later Prendick, haunted by questions, sneaks into Dr. Moreau’s operating room and discovers the fruit of the latter’s experiments- a hybrid of a human and an animal.. Both a science fiction novel and a cautionary tale, The Island of Doctor Moreau will captivate the readers of all ages and make them ponder on the nature of pain, the price of one’s ambitions, and the dangers of scientific progress. Now even more enthralling in this exclusive illustrated edition.
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