The Greatest Works of Ingersoll Lockwood. Illustrated

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The 20th-century American lawyer and writer Ingersoll Lockwood has re-entered the limelight today for his children's books featuring the adventures of a boy called Baron Trump. Despite being written more than 100 years before the American President’s son took up residence in the White House, the book bears eerie similarities to the former first family. The many parallels and exciting adventures will fascinate and entertain the whole family. The set of books tells the story of a boy from a wealthy aristocratic family who lives in Trump Castle. Baron Trump then travels to Russia in search of portals to parallel worlds under the guidance of a mentor named Don. The Trump family's motto from these books is: "The path to glory is strewn with pitfalls and dangers." TRAVELS AND ADVENTURES OF LITTLE BARON TRUMP AND HIS WONDERFUL DOG BULGER BARON TRUMP'S MARVELLOUS UNDERGROUND JOURNEY 1900 OR THE LAST PRESIDENT WASHINGTON STRANGE ADVENTURES OF A MILLION DOLLARS
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