The Torrents of Spring

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Prose written by Ivan Turgenev, perhaps, is the most elegant. The most picturesque in Russian classical literature. The writer's landscapes are colorful, accurate and detailed, permeated with heart-touching melancholy poetry. Turgenev characters are also written in detail and vividly. Russian aristocrat Dmitry Sanin gets acquainted in Germany with a young girl Gemma. She has a fiance, but for the sake of her flushed feelings toward Dmitri, she leaves him. The couple is going to get married. For the sake of the material well-being of the future family, Sanin decides to sell his land in Russia and move to Germany. Mary, the wife of his school buddy, wants to buy this land. But since now there is no time for this transaction - a new love story is twisting. And what about Gemma? Illustrated by Nataliia Borisova.
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