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Аннотация/Описание книги - «THE WAY OF ALL FLESH»

Samuel Butler was son and grandson of the priests. He graduated from Cambridge University in 1858. He got carried away by music and drawing. Torn with his father, in 1859-1864 he lived in New Zealand, bred sheep. He became an ardent devotee of Darwinism, his views spelled out in a study of Life and Habit (1877). Returning to England, engaged in literature and painting, lived a hermit. Traveled to Italy and Sicily. He exhibited paintings in the Royal Academy, wrote about Italian art. His prose was highly appreciated by Forster and Shaw, and later by Joyce, Lawrence, Aldous Huxley, Maugham, George Orwell. Extremely frank autobiographical novel "The Way of All Flesh" (The Way of All Flesh) was completed by the author in the 1880s, but at the author's will was not published during his lifetime and was published only in 1903. Six volumes of his notebooks were also published, correspondence. FS Fitzgerald on the back of the title page of this book Butler wrote with his hand: "The most interesting human document of all available".
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