Smoky the Cowhorse

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At first, born in the prairies colt wasn’t too much different from his siblings. But when he grew up and turned into a handsome horse with his character and habits he wouldn’t let anyone come around him. In a story “Smoky the Cowhorse” by James Will an old cowboy tells about a hard life of a real horse which was born in prairies. Strelbitsky multimedia publishing company publishes the best classic and modern world literature stories about horses in “Books about horses” series, which you can download in our electronic library in formats epub, Fb2, pdf on the phone, Android, IPhone, IPad, and also read online without registration. We will be grateful if you leave feedback about the book you are interested in or read in our website.
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Электронная книга Smoky the Cowhorse - Will James

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«Books about Horses»

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